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We have a variety of services available at the Pioneer Memorial Public Library including photocopying, FAX service, public computers, free Wi-Fi, and general computer assistance. If you are looking for a book that we don't have, we can inter-library loan it for you from another library within the network for just $2.50 per item. 

We have almost 10,000 books, audiobooks on CD, playaways (MP3 players), e-books, and DVDs that may be borrowed for two weeks at a time. We also offer phone renewal of items at (304) 227-4788.

Have a question? About anything? Call or stop by for help in searching out information or resources, we are happy to help.

There are two book drop off points for your convenience: one is in the blue metal box on the parking lot and the other is an in-the-wall book drop in the side of the building where the ramp is located

We also have a private meeting room with small kitchen that may be rented hourly, daily, or weekly for a small fee. 

Are you a local artist or artisan? Our new addition doubles as a comfortable seating area and exhibition space. If you are interested in hanging or displaying your work in our space, please talk to the library director. 

Do you need help creating and publishing an e-book? We can help with that too. Check out the e-book that we set up and published for a library patron here.


We are very proud of our genealogy collection that has been built and added to over the years. We have genealogy information for the following family surnames: Arbogast, Armstrong, Bell, Bennett, 
Currence, Dice, Davis, Day, Flanagan, 
Gandee or Gandy, Herman or Harman, 
Harper, Henckel or Hinkle, Ketterman, 
Long, McLean, Mick, Paugh, Pennington, 
Puffenberger, Purkey, Riggleman, Seibert, 
Snyder, Tacy, Teeter or Teter, Thompson, 
Watts, Westfall, White.

We have a collection of Harman School yearbooks that are available for viewing in the library. We don't have a yearbook for every year but we do have many of them.

We also have a great collection of fiction and nonfiction about West Virginia and written by WV authors. From Homer Hickham to the autobiography of Chuck Yeager, we have quite a few classics that have come out of the Mountain State.

Please feel free to come in and browse our genealogical collections. You can also make photocopies of genealogy information for .10 per copy. We also maintain a list of local cemeteries that include the gravesites of veterans.

We also recommend contacting the Allegheny Regional Family History Society located at the IOOF Building on the Beverly 5-lane between Elkins and Beverly, West Virginia.

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